Tom’s ’88 Golf CL

— Owner

My name is Tom, I’m from Ipswich Suffolk UK and I own a 1988 Mk2 Golf CL.

I was not ment to own this car as I had saved my money to buy a 6 speed Volkswagen Lupo GTI. In 2007 I had my heart set on a anthracite blue 6 speed GTI but the owner selling was very unrealistic with the price. At the time it was the only one for sale and he wouldn’t budge on the price. I was scouring ebay one night and this local gold Mk2 Golf appeared. As I read through the description and looked through the photos, I just knew I had to have it. Agreed to view the Golf the next day and bought it there and then.

Let’s start from the exterior

I’ve had the front wiper blanking grommet smoothed, rear washer jet and wiper smoothed and the radio antenna as well. I also added the GL chrome trim on all the windows, and fitted the chrome trim 7 slat grill.


Toms 88 Golf CL 1

Photo by @thebreakfvstclub

It had a full respray in its original colour, Polar silver. And then I added the early door rub strips but kept the late arch spats.

The car is on a bags suspensions set by OCD Air Ride with BC BR Dampers and V2 management.


Toms 88 Golf CL

Photo by @thebreakfvstclub

Current wheels fitted are a set of genuine 17” BBS RS, face mounted and ceramic polished. They are 17×7 and 17×7.5 and sit over Porsche 4 pot calipers front and back.´


Toms 88 Golf CL

Photo by @johnlangleyauto

What engine is it running?

So originally the golf had a 1.6L 8v EZ code engine with a auto gearbox. It was good, fun and pokey but it looked so untidy in the engine bay.

I ripped literally every thing out the bay including the rain tray, smoothed all the firewall holes and deleted pretty much all the brackets.


Toms 88 Golf CL

Photo by @ma_photoworx

The exhaust starts with a Genuine TSR Racing manifold and then it has a custom system from then on.

It’s currently producing 183 bhp with print out to prove.

Let’s talk about interiors

So, upfront, it has a Nardi wheel from a Maserati with its genuine horn button. The dashboard is an original brown dash, with new chrome trim. It has an 8k RPM clock and a Porsche glove box lock.


Toms 88 Golf CL

Photo by @thebreakfvstclub

CAE Shifter takes centre pride between custom trimed fish net Recaro seats. I made the shifter knob with a work mate, on his wood lathe and inserted a genuine Porsche badge which was a tie pin.


Toms 88 Golf CL

Photo by @thebreakfvstclub

The seats are done in Kinloch Anderson Tweed and have biscuit centres, the door cards are also covered with the same tweed, as is the headliner. The interior was done by East County Customs and possibly my favourite thing about the car.


Toms 88 Golf CL

Photo by

Any plans for the future?

I’m currently removing the engine and gearbox to then fit a Mk3 Golf subframe and mounts, as I strongly dislike the original Mk2 rear engine mount.

I’ll also paint the inner wheel arches in body colour Raptor Liner.

After that I hope to get out in the car more and enjoy it to its full potential!



Thank you for reading! You can follow Tom’s build in his Instagram: @texastom_lowcollective