Adam’s Fedex Purple Golf

— Owner

My name is Adam Haigh, I’m from Brockton, Massachusetts and this is my 1991 Volkswagen Golf.

I was at a local car meet and someone had mentioned they were selling an older Volkswagen, and it sparked my interest. I didn’t really knew much about cars at that time, but I decided to buy it anyways.

The day I brought it home, back in June 2015, was the beginning of a wonderful passion that i have learned so much from.

It was spray painted matte black, with black teardrops and lowered on cut springs. The car was rough on the outside. It was when I started digging into it when I really fell in love with the brand. Had a great little 8 valve, and it was my first manual car.

I found out it had about 6 owners (managed to talk to 5) and it originally came from California. Went from a spray painted mess to my pride and joy. Most of the work was done in-house by me with the help of friends and if something needs to get done that I don’t trust myself to do, I don’t mind handing it off to get done correctly.

It is pretty much a rust free Californian car, that went from a Digifant 1, 8 valve engine, to what it’s currently turning into, which will be a Supercharged VR6 5 door golf.

Exterior Mods

First thing I had to do was get rid of the rattle canned black.

So I had it painted Fedex purple — don’t know what led me to pick it but I absolutely fell in love with the color once I saw it.

I had my rear spoiler molded to the hatch and deleted the rear and driver side wiper. After the car was back from paint, and I had a fresh canvas. I’ve putted some cheap wheels on it and had them for about a year until I found a set of RS’ I couldn’t pass up. Once I got them, I figured it was time to get some good suspension.

Picture by Corey Smiley

I bought BC Racing BR Type Coilovers, with an extreme drop kit and custom spring rates, which I ended up modifying a little bit to get more camber adjustments for the front. I finally had the car looking how I wanted it to look from the start.


When I got the car it had a 1.8 8 valve, which was Digifant 1.I do have to say that motor lasted me a lot longer than I ever thought it would. It took me all over the east coast without a hitch. Now the car is all torn apart as I’m rebuilding its new heart: a 2.8 12 valve VR6 with a v9 Vortech Supercharger with a Peloquin lsd for the o2a trans.


From the factory, it had the stock gray cloth seats, with the rear bench seat, which I loved and didn’t want to get rid of. When I sat in the Recaros, I instantly knew I wanted them, so I upgraded the front seats to some manual Recaros out of a 92 GLI.

Then I was able to find the matching 60/40 split Recaros for the rear. I have also built a wooden trunk floor myself, which I plan to redo so i can relocate my battery to the trunk and have it hidden. I’ve also made a custom hockey stick shift knob out of a broken hockey stick I had laying around.

Final notes

Right now the car is torn apart for the swap. Dashboard is out to clean up all the wiring behind. I’m having DTM Autowerks redoing my engine harness and I’m currently shaving the engine bay and preparing it for paint. I will be installing the Fabless Manufacturing Mk2 VR6 Swap Kit, which makes me excited for not having to cut my frame rail up.

And with the tubed front crossmember I’ll be using a Mk3 VR radiator that will sit flush with the upper radiator support.

I’d love to finish the swap by mid spring and that is what I am shooting for. But there is definitely a lot of work ahead of me.

Thank you to Adam for helping with this feature, hope you enjoyed it! Give him a follow on Instagram @vw_haigh 🔥